Murano’s Room

Ana Cadena Irizar 
Nel blu dipinto di blu, Five centuries of blue Roman glass from the Palatine Hill; a multi-analytical approach to provenance and production technology

Henry Cosmo Bishop-Wright 
Glass vessels from the Meroitic cemetery at Faras, Sudanese Nubia

Veronica Occari 
New light on the development of the Venetian glassmaking industry and the Levantine connection in the 12th -15th century

Anna K. Hodgkinson 
Working with fire: the experimental production of glass beads at Amarna based on metallurgical scenes

Oleh Yatsuk 
Glass making in Archaic Greek colonies: case of Yahorlyk settlement (Black Sea shore)

Kyoko Yamahana 
Glass beads from Andean Collection of Tokai University, Japan