The Treasury’s Room

Victoria Kemp 
The analysis and investigation of glass vessel fragments attributed to the tomb of Amenhotep II, KV35, Valley of the Kings

Tomasz Purowski 
Bronze Age glass beads discovered in the territory of Poland

Joëlle Rolland 
The Glass network in La Tène Europe: the contribution of a large-scale LA-ICP-MS analytical project

Mila Chacheva 
Hellenistic Gold-in-Glass Beads in Context: New Evidence from the West Pontic Coast

Melina Smirniou 
Mycenaean glass revisited: trace elemental analysis of glass from prehistoric Attica

Francisco B. Gomes 
Pre-Roman and Early Roman core-formed glass vessels in the Iberian Peninsula: an overview

Ana Franjic 
Of Sand and Iron: Early Iron Age natron glasses and the evidence for cross-craft interactions