William Stephens’ Room

Emily Frances 
Hyatt From Adriatic to empire: A study of Venetian and Ragusan glass in Bosnia at the height of Ottoman expansion (ca. 1450-1600)

Jerzy J. Kunicki-Goldfinger 
The chemical composition of potassium glass in Central Europe from the late medieval period to the 18th century. Its determinants and interpretation

Kamila Baturo 
Forgotten Glasshouses. Preliminary Report on the Research of Forest Glass Industry in the 18/19th Century Region of Mazowsze (Poland)

Inês Coutinho 
New insights into 17th and 18th century glass from Portugal: Study and Preservation

Isabelle Commandré 
Glassmaking in Bas-Languedoc (France) from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century